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The company

Sahelia SARL
Bamako, Mali

Sahelia is a construction company offering services in the supply of drinking water, drilling and sanitation works in wastewater management.
We are authorized distributors of the Danish company BIOKUBE International.

Our offer includes:

  • Treatment of domestic waste water
  • Drinking water supply
  • The creation of turnkey depuration stations (Plug and Play)

The circular economy at the heart of our services

The circular economy at the heart of our services

We allow you to have a turnkey station according to your needs varying from 5m3 / d to 3000m3 / d.
This system is ideal for hotels, hospitals, campsites, local authorities, public / private administrations and industries.

At Sahelia, we are fully committed to the circular economy, an approach that is part of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals for 2030.

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